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ARTICLES – Kettlebell Training, Sport, Fitness, Nutrition, INDIA

  • For anyone who is exercising, nutrition plays a very important role. Nutrition can make or break the whole deal ! Proper sports nutrition which involves having the right food at the right time will help an exercising individual to attain his goals in the quickest time, whereas a poor nutrition plan will not only slow […]

  • CRAWLING for better posture and developing reflexive strength   CRAWLING??? A new buzz word these days is crawling. From group classes to boot camps and to personal training sessions, everywhere one can see people crawling like bears, spiders, lizard crocodile etc………………….. Why this crawling is so much in fashion these days? Crawling is a very important […]

  •                                                  SUITCASE CARRY : My trump card for core stability   Renowned spine biomechanist Stuart McGill recommends side plank variations for engaging the transverse abdominis since they best activate this muscle due to its […]

  •   I first swung a kettlebell about 3 years ago, and I never knew this would become an integral part of my lifestyle. Though I was a coach, I was consistently hovering from one program to another in a haste to learn all at once. The result was not really bad, but not really good, too. Then I listened […]

  •                                                                           Kettlebell V/s Dumbbell   A common question often asked during my seminars : “What makes a kettlebell different […]

  •   This question always kept coming in my mind that why the kettlebells come with large jump in weight. Almost 4kg jump, insane. Dumbbell comes in very convenient weight variations like 5kg and 7kg and the 10 etc. When I dug deeper, I found the reason in a journal by Soviet scientist Prof. Arkady Vorobyev, […]

  •   Recently I have been getting a lot of opportunities to train the athletes & sports men of India using Kettlebells. These include the Rugby players of Indian army, tennis players, martial artists and cricketers of Pune, Mumbai and Delhi. The feeling is great specially because I have been a sportsman myself all through my […]

  •   This may seem to be an economic article rather being a fitness article, but I felt the desire to write it. Just got an email in which I am invited to a conference which mentions that the PricewaterhouseCoopers report to FICCI says that the wellness industry will touch Rs. 1 lakh crore (1 trillion) […]

  •   A step by step guide to performing a Kettlebell Swing – an excellent exercise for conditioning & strength. Trains the entire posterior chain of the body, great for fat loss, develops crazy cardio-respiratory endurance, strength-endurance & power-endurance. An absolute must for people who prefer to workout at home and a great addition in anyone’s […]

  •   The attached pic is me competing in Hongkong Open Kettlebell Sport Championship back in July’12. With it I became the 1st Indian to represent the country in an International Kettlebell Sport championship and got all necessary international …exposure and a chance to make very good friends belonging to this sport. I have not competed […]

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