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By admin | In Articles, Kettlebell | on
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This question always kept coming in my mind that why the kettlebells come with large jump in weight.

Almost 4kg jump, insane. Dumbbell comes in very convenient weight variations like 5kg and 7kg and the 10 etc.

When I dug deeper, I found the reason in a journal by Soviet scientist Prof. Arkady Vorobyev, he discovered that sharp changes in load are superior to small changes when it comes to delivering the message to your body: “Get strong!”

Second reason is more options you have weaker your will-power be. By human nature, we want to avoid stress and sharp increase in weight is a big stressor. So we keep working under our threshold and grow with very little or no improvement.

To lift more weight one should know the art of getting tensed and relaxed, but due to a lot of options, we tend to choose the easier ones and our body’s natural response to large loads never get developed. We keep ranting about minor strength and muscle development to cover our fear to lift heavy.

The takeaway point is BE STRONG, don’t tempt for 1 pound increase every month in your lifts and learn the art of getting stronger by challenging your body and mind.

Strength is the biggest carry over in one’s life, sooner you accept, better it will be.

Abhishek Singh

Master Coach

Ballistic Kettlebell Fitness Academy


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