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Kettlebell Suitcase Carry – My Trump Card to Core Stability

By | In Articles, Core, Kettlebell | on

                                                 SUITCASE CARRY : My trump card for core stability


Renowned spine biomechanist Stuart McGill recommends side plank variations for engaging the transverse abdominis since they best activate this muscle due to its fiber orientation.Though the proper execution of side plank is not really easy.

I found the Suitcase Carry while reading Coach Dan John and found it as relevent as side planks though way easy to execute with a moderate to eavy weight.

This will engage your core (emphasis on the obliques and quadratus lumborum), along with your traps, deltoids, forearms, and ankles.

To complete the kettlebell suitcase carry, select a kettlebell heavy enough to cause some degree of lateral tilt from the spine while standing tall.  Before walking, make sure the body is in proper position from head to toe.  Standing tall with the shoulder blades pulled back and down, pull the belly button in to keep the core engage, and keep the kettlebell hanging by your side . Your hips are going to naturally drift toward the weight, so do as best as you can to keep the hips from shifting. Now walk at a comfortable speed while maintaining perfect posture.  Notice the strain on the opposite lateral core muscles as your body is preventing the kettlebell from pulling your shoulder down towards the ground.  It is important to think of your body as a glass of water.  Stand tall with the shoulders level at all times.

Why I Like It

One of the reasons I like this exercise so much is that most of you can do it in nearly any gym, and it kills multiple birds with one arrow . Just grab a heavy dumbbell or kettlebell , stand straight, and walk for 50-100 yards. Then switch sides. Even if you only have ten yards of space to work with, you can walk back and forth until you reach your target distance. You can use a heavy dumbbell or kettlebell for this.

How much weight or how far should you go? As Dan John put it: You can either carry light weight for long distances, or heavy weight for short distances

I mostly use it as warm up before heavy squats,deadlifts or olympic lifts to activate my lateral core and to increase the engagement of quadratus lamborumas a stabilizor.

For variation,you may use towel or a rope.It will also challenge your grip strength and make you comfortable while you will be carrying heavy suitcases at airport 😉

-Abhishek Singh

Master Coach

Ballistic Kettlebell Fitness Academy

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