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A big majority of the people who are working out the gym are aiming for FAT LOSS. In fact fat loss has become such a huge industry now that a large no. of weight loss centers, yoga classes, aerobic classes, spinning classes etc have spawned up in the country from well over a decade claiming themselves the most effective way to lose fat !!! With so many choices, a common person tries everything and ultimately quits everything because in the long run, he doesn’t get the results. Even if he goes to the gym, the focus becomes cardio exercises like treadmill, bike etc which again is NOT the best choice for their goal. So what is the best tool for fat loss?

The best tool for fat loss is Weight training. How ?

BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is the key for fat loss. BMR is the rate at which our body burns calories to carry out its metabolic processes while at rest (when we are not working out). High BMR means that the body is burning more calories at rest which are majorly coming from body’s existing fat stores (provided the nutrition is being correctly followed). Weight training raises the BMR of the body. Let us see how…

Weight training(for both men & women) not only requires calories while working out but also breaks down the muscles, that are being used to lift those weights, at microscopic levels. After the workout session, the body tries to repair the damaged muscles. For this extra work (which was not there earlier), the body requires extra energy. This extra energy (calories) is utilized from body’s FAT stores.Hence, the BMR increases. This whole process of elevating BMR is called “Afterburn” or “EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption)”

EPOC (Afterburn) will be greater if the area of damage (muscle damaged) is greater. Hence, exercises using more than one joint (compound exercises) will cause greatest EPOC. Hence, exercises like squat, deadlift, lunge, snatch, jerk, swings etc will cause maximum EPOC as they involve almost the whole body and not isolated muscle groups. They are also the most functional exercises which improve the quality of life and strengthen the core.

Weight training also ensures to retain the body’s existing muscle mass (or increase, if on muscle gain diet), thereby maintaining the BMR. Muscles are metabolically active tissues which require calories all the time to sustain themselves and hence keep the BMR high.

On the other hand, doing cardio exercises like running, cycling, aerobics etc ONLY burns calories while working out and not much calories after workout. Also, excess of cardio leads to loss of muscle mass which further lowers the BMR and causing fat gain at a greater speed later.

So take your call for which tool will YOU use for your fat loss goals !!!!

Abhinav Malhotra

Founder, CEO and Master Coach

Ballistic Kettlebell Fitness Academy


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