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Get Lean & Fit from Home with – KETTLEBELLS !!!

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Most people find enough reasons for not being able to join a gym to meet their fitness and fat loss goals. It’s such a busy and stressful world…gym is out of question!!! Till you’re in your mid 20’s, you can probably escape from the effects of poor lifestyle of inactivity and unhealthy eating habits. But there comes a point, and almost suddenly, when the body starts getting out of shape, developing  ugly flab around certain areas ! Lipid profile starts showing up in the abnormal ranges.

This is the time when you start getting frustrated and worried about the way your body looks and certain pathologies that have started infesting. This is also the time when you seriously decide to join a gym and eating healthy to get back in shape. While most of you succeed in initiating the process, only a few will sustain it. Reasons of course are genuine…lack of time, stress, social obligations and exhaustion after a long day at work!!! Making it very difficult for most to be regular at the gym and forced to give up or resort to a common solution – CRASH DIETING and NO TRAINING.

The results after some time are even more frustrating, even more stressful and absolutely short lived. Fitness is a life style change and not a temporary quick fix. Fitness should make you feel happy, healthy, energetic and not stressful, pale and sluggish. All this can only be attained by following a holistic approach to fitness – right training and right diet – throughout your life!!! Right training includes at least 3 days of weight training and 2-3 days of cardio training. Right diet in compliance with your work out will be high protein, low to moderate carbohydrates and necessary fats.

It is also a well known fact that weight training is a better way to lose fat than only cardio-vascular activities like running, cycling etc. This is because fat is a stored form of energy and our BMR (basal metabolic rate) needs to be elevated to use this energy throughout the day and thereby getting rid of the excess fat. Cardio-vascular (CV) activity should be done for a better cardio-vascular/respiratory health and developing a good stamina. CV activities do have their impact on fat loss through caloric expenditure but definitely not as effective as weight training. Also, excess of cardio-vascular activities without weight training would lead to muscle loss and hence the same flab would remain even if you lose weight. Weight training helps preserve muscle mass and lose the unwanted fat, hence giving the body a desired shape. Exercises like squats, deadlifts, lunges, rows and presses help in the overall loss of fat in all areas of the body – including the abdomen, arms and thighs. This is because of another fact that larger muscle groups trained gives the fastest fat loss benefits.

All the explanation and facts about fat loss look good but what about people who have no possibilities of being regular to the gym? What is the solution left? How can they attain their fitness goals and get into the shape they desire?  Don’t you give up and feel upset!!!!The good news for you is that there is a tool that can take care of all the fitness needs simultaneously – strength, stamina and fat loss. It needs no space for its set up and gives best results in quick time – THE KETTLEBELL!!!!!

A kettlebell alone combines benefits of weight training and cardio-vascular activity. The result is a simultaneous improvement in strength, CV endurance and stamina, a high caloric expenditure workout and most importantly an elevated metabolism even after the cessation of the workout. Meaning fat loss happening all day long even when you are sitting and doing nothing at all!!!!

Typical movements like kettlebell swings, cleans, snatches, jerks work the muscles of the entire body under resistance. Similarly, the movements like squats, deadlifts, rows & presses are compound movements which can be done with great ease with the kettlebells. All these movements utilize the largest muscle groups of the body and hence contribute to raising the BMR the most, ensuring greatest fat loss. These exercises when done for higher repetitions and low rest intervals between sets, ensures greater conditioning and higher caloric expenditure. When the body achieves a basic strength & conditioning level and the weights feel too light, just switch to heavier kettlebells.

Add some kettlebell core exercises like Turkish get ups, Windmills, crunches and basic bodyweight movements like pushups….and you’re done !!! Who requires a gym to get an awesome body with no ugly fat around? Just kettlebell and good diet plan!!

Just 3-4 kettlebell sessions in a week of 30-40 minutes duration, done from home, are sufficient to enjoy phenomenal fitness and achieving a lean & ripped body. Don’t forget a healthy diet – high protein, low to moderate carbohydrates and healthy fats. By making these simple and feasible permanent changes to your lifestyle, I assure you will never feel guilty for the 20% cheat/junk meals you have!!!

Stay tuned to the page for more upcoming events, articles and updates!!!

Abhinav Malhotra

Founder, CEO and Master Coach

Ballistic Kettlebell Fitness Academy

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