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  • CRAWLING for better posture and developing reflexive strength   CRAWLING??? A new buzz word these days is crawling. From group classes to boot camps and to personal training sessions, everywhere one can see people crawling like bears, spiders, lizard crocodile etc………………….. Why this crawling is so much in fashion these days? Crawling is a very important […]

  •                                                  SUITCASE CARRY : My trump card for core stability   Renowned spine biomechanist Stuart McGill recommends side plank variations for engaging the transverse abdominis since they best activate this muscle due to its […]

  •   Core is just not confined to  the muscles of the abdomens. All my personal training, home training & online training clients make use of minimal or no machines at all in their trainings. If machines were so necessary, then all the warriors  of ancient times, wouldn’t have been in great shape and strong.  Human […]

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